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Top Technology Trends for 2021

Top Technology Trends for 2021 Technology is evolving day by day, enabling faster change and development, allowing growth to accelerate until it ultimately becomes exponential. However, not only are technological trends and leading technologies evolving, even more, has changed this year as a result of the outbreak of COVID-19, making IT specialists realise that their […]

Zoom Security Issues

When the COVID-19 pandemic brought the world to a screeching halt in March 2020, businesses and schools bounced back first and foremost in online meetings and remote learning. Most of these meetings were held at Zoom, a virtual meeting forum, and a video conferencing site.   Although things at first seemed fine, several security challenges […]

Top 10 Digital Transformation Trends For 2021

The COVID 19 pandemic has propelled digital transformation to the top of the must-have in the minds of CIOs. It has been a go-to to allow organisations to enhance their customer experience and generate higher ROI. Businesses with a brick-and-mortar presence have changed their approach to developing a digital presence to remain competitive and ahead […]

The new iPhone12 – a BYOD Compatible Device

To be able to operate your business-related functions successfully, you need to ensure that you have iPhone compatible with your organisation. This device is designed to make your job easier and help you enhance your productivity. All you need to do to ensure that you have the latest version of this iPhone is to ensure […]

Remote working- creating additional security challenges for business

Introduction: Numerous associations around the globe have requested that their representatives telecommute because of the Coronavirus pandemic. This has made network safety challenges for some organisations as they frequently scarcity on the experience, conventions, and advancements to empower remote workers in a protected way. DRP (Disaster recovery plan) depicts how an association will react to […]

Security Challenges in Remote Working

Introduction: Whether or not the effects of COVID-19 in the UK could lead to school closures, city lockdowns and movement restrictions. The virus has identified the importance of business continuity planning and ensuring that your business and technology can flex with significant disruption.   For several organisations, it has become a top priority to encourage […]

Working from home

Is working from home working for you?   At times working from home can throw up all sorts of situations that can cause you to be less productive.  Taking the dog for a walk, feeding, and schooling the children, making sure you are plugged into the Matrix – you do not want to miss that […]

How the Self-Erasing Chip May Stop Counterfeit Electronic Parts

  Perhaps no industry over the past century has risen more than electronic devices. Mostly in the form of computers, electronic devices have become a part of so many standard products ranging from automobiles to communications and even to clothing and food products. For companies that create electronic devices, having access to the highest quality […]

How to maintain a secure remote working environment for businesses

Everything has come to a halt after the COVID 19 emergence, including government agencies, businesses and organisation all over the world. The asymmetric spread of COVID19 has disturbed the overall symmetry of companies around the globe. The need for remote working in the pandemic has also raised the need for strengthening cybersecurity policies against threats […]

How to improve the performance of your computer?

Buying a new computer is very exciting, but the truth is that as time goes by, the unit will become slower and slower. Which does bring the question, how can you boost the computer performance? There are numerous tips and tricks that you can try out, as you can imagine. Here are some ideas to […]